We develop creative and open society in digital area

The mission of our organization is to promote the highly competent and skillfull IT professhionals, maintaining national mature companies able to compete and contribute to develop of innovation system based on public, private and scientific organization partnership.

Vission & Mission


Mongolia’s first business incubator

NITP introduced the first business incubator, which has now been providing 15 years of guidance, comprehensive management support and pleasant business environment for companies and individuals aspiring to develop a business based on new ideas and new technologies in the IT sector. Since its establishment, the NITP incubator announced a total  31 Incubator enrollments and out of 322 business projects, 122 companies were enrolled into our incubator.

Information technology incubator for Women entrepreneurs

In order to expand our activities , to increase female participation in the IT sector and establish gemder equality, NITP implemented the incubator project for women entrepreneurs since 2015.

Students business incubator

The students business incubator project is being implemented for the first time to support future youn entrepreneurs in their journey to start their own businesses and begin their careers. This project is for university and college students above year 3, regard;ess of their program course. The purpose of this project is for the capacity building of students, prepare young entrepreneurs through practice and skill development, and develop future entrepreneurs and leaders.


To improve, advance, and develop the professional skills of IT trainings are organized at professional level by teachers with international certificates.

Information Technology Engineers Examination /ITEE/

In order to establish a set standard for IT engineer skills in Asia, the Information Technology Engineers Examination was introduced and today, it is organized in 12 Asian countries. NITP became an ofiicial organizer in 2006 aaand the exam is now well-known among IT professionals.

Topcit examination

In cooperation with the the Institute for Information and Communications Technology of South Korea, the Communications and Information Technology Authority /CITA/ and NITP has introduced the Test of Pratical Competency in IT (TOPCIT) in the information and communications sector of Mongolia in 2016.



Science and Technology Information Center was established in 1972


The Science and Technology Information Center Corporation was established in 1997


First initiation to establish an information technology incubator center


Information technology park and incubator survey

Research on the establishment of an IT park and an incubator was done.


Started the implementation of the “Virtual directory for science and technology information” project


Second enrollment of the IT incubator


First incubator graduation


NITP becomes observing member of ITPEC


IT foreign outsourcing policy document


Cognitive center for information technology


Regular training of trainers


Project to distribute the Text to Speech program


Became member of World Technopolis Association


Silicon House project was implemented


NITP has successfully established its second international test center

To promote digital literacy and introduce a set information technology standard in Mongolia, the National Information Technology Park of Mongolia has successfully become an Accredited Test Centre (ATC) of the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Asia as of April 2015. This is the second test center NITP received full rights to operate.


Virtual office

The Information Technology-Science Park (ITSP) has provided the opportunity for startups who are not located at the incubator to receive online incubator services through its “Virtual Incubator” since 2015 and starting from 2016, ITSP has made this service available every day.

The Virtual Incubator provides all necessary services for entrepreneurs to start their businesses and companies, such as expanding their activities, developing business plans, capacity building for employees, legal consulting, and other services for expanding their knowledge and information.



The first International ICDL test in Mongolia is been taken

The National Information Technology Park (NITP) officially organized ICDL /International Computer Driving Licence/ which is globally recognized IT practice skill assessment test on Feb 20, 2017.


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